Obviously, $5.7 billion is a lot of money for pretty much anybody. But what could it buy at the Education Department? We're glad you asked.

Attention state officials: Are you looking for a piece of the federal $378 million state assessment grant program? Applications became available Monday, the U.S. Department of Education announced

So far, Trump hasn't gotten much of what he wanted out of Congress when it comes to education.

In her prepared remarks to the National School Boards Association, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos also stressed that the Trump administration's school safety commission report was a guide, not a mandate.

The guidance from DeVos addresses a part of federal law that requires federal education money be used to supplement state and local funding, not supplant it.

Democrats say the shutdown imperils the federal program that pays for school meals for low-income students, as pressure builds around the issue in the education community.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos made those remarks at a Heritage Foundation event. But some choice proposals have met resistance from congressional Republicans and conservative organizations, including Heritage.

Should schools named after men like Strom Thurmond and schools named for Confederates like Robert E. Lee be lumped together? What does a school name signal to students? We explore these and other questions in a new reporting project.

Almost every state is rating schools in part on student growth in test-scores under the Every Student Succeeds Act. But that doesn't look the same everywhere, according to a new report.

Carlos Muñiz, who has been heading up the general counsel's office at the U.S. Department of Education, has been appointed to the Florida Supreme Court.

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