Charters & Choice News Roundup: From Catholic to Chinese Immersion Schools

As private Roman Catholic education has seen a marked decline nationally, schools offering Chinese immersion programs have been on the rise. Those topics and more are covered in this week's edition of the school choice news roundup.

Judge Approves Using Tax Dollars For Religious School Textbooks

The New Mexico state Court of Appeals has ruled that it is constitutional for the state to provide textbooks to private and religious schools. Meanwhile, the Washington Supreme Court hears legal arguments in a challenge to the state's charter law, and a Louisiana judge says a decision on a lawsuit over charter school funding will be coming soon.

The Tangled History of Charters and Unions in the Calif. Chief's Race

Despite being on opposite sides in the California school chief's race, AFT President Randi Weingarten has worked in concert with the network of charter schools formerly led by Marshall Tuck.

Charter-School Holdouts: States That Prohibit Them, and Why

Learn more about the eight states that have staunchly resisted charter-school laws in this special collection of clips produced with Storify.

N.Y.C. Charter With Highly Paid Teachers Boosted Student Achievement, Study Says

A Manhattan charter school that pays its teachers annual salaries of $125,000 and offers weekly professional development posted big gains after four years, despite a rocky start, according to new research.

The Charter School Authorizers' Conference in 10 Tweets

Attendees at this year's National Association of Charter School Authorizers' annual conference share their insights on Twitter.

KIPP Plans to Double Number of Los Angeles Schools, Students

KIPP, one of the largest national charter school networks, intends to open nine new schools in L.A., and more than double itscurrent enrollment to 10,000 students by 2020.

How to Close a Charter School: Advice From Three States

Closing down chronically low-performing charter schools is necessary, but requires a deft approach to minimize disruption to students, educators, and communities, charter school experts say.

National Conference for Charter School Authorizers Kicks Off in Miami

The annual leadership conference for the groups that approve and oversee charter schools is taking place this week.

Charters & Choice News Roundup: Opportunities and Opportunists

It's the innovation issue of the Charters & Choice weekly news roundup. On tap are stories ranging from innovative programs to innovative "school house" designs.

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