Tax-credit scholarship programs, the lesser-known cousin to school vouchers and another school choice policy promoted by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, are the subject of a new Government Accountability Office report.

Ohio's Democratic candidate for governor calls for a ban on for-profit companies running charter schools, while a new law in California does just that.

Private school choice advocates are worried that tax-credit scholarship programs are getting swept into a crackdown by the Trump Administration on blue states trying to circumvent parts of the new GOP tax law.

In the era of Betsy DeVos, public opinion may have soured on the word voucher, but not the idea, a new poll finds.

For the first time, school districts are no longer approving the majority of new charter schools, according to a new report, but it is not clear what is behind the decline.

The LeBron James Family Foundation has partnered with Akron Public Schools to create a school for at-risk students with a STEM-focused curriculum and extensive wrap-around services.

The initiative comes at a time when unions are anticipating steep membership and funding losses as a result of the Supreme Court's recent decision in Janus v. AFSCME. The mostly non-unionized charter school sector could be an area for expansion.

After being fired from KIPP over allegations of sexual misconduct, the network's co-founder Michael Feinberg is launching a new organization called the Texas School Venture Fund that will help set up new schools in the state.

The Orleans Parish School Board will oversee a wholly unique system of autonomous charter schools that has made significant gains since 2005, but still faces big challenges.

In the bruising arena of school choice and electoral politics, teachers' unions have long been the primary opposition to efforts to expand charter schools and vouchers at the ballot box.

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