Charters & Choice News Roundup: Happy 25th Birthday to School Vouchers

This school year marks the 25th anniversary of one of the country's first voucher initiatives: the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.

A Parent-Trigger Takeover is Brewing at a California School

Advocates of the state's parent-trigger law are rallying support behind a group of Anaheim, Calif., parents seeking to convert its underperforming school into a charter.

Q&A With Howard Fuller on 'The Mother of School Choice,' Annette Polly Williams

The school choice pioneer often credited with creating one of the nation's first school voucher programs, Annette Polly Williams, died Nov. 9.

Why NOLA Charters Aren't Returning to the Orleans Parish School Board

Fifteen of the 36 schools that are eligible this year to return to the Orleans Parish School Board, which ran the city's schools before Hurricane Katrina, have voted against doing so. More boards will make the decision by the end of the year.

Parent Volunteering Requirements at Calif. Charter Schools Illegal, Report Says

Several California charter schools make parent volunteering a requirement for student enrollment, a practice that is against state law, according to a new report from Public Advocates.

Special Education Charter Schools Vulnerable to Funding Shortfalls

A North Carolina charter school for students with disabilities is struggling with the costs of educating those students and may soon close.

Unequal Funding Between Arizona District and Charter Schools Legal, Court Rules

An Arizona appeals court has ruled that the state's charter schools aren't owed the same amount of money that district schools receive.

As California Charter School Enrollment Rises, Districts May Feel Effects

Over a half-million California students are now enrolled in charter schools, according to an estimate released today by the California Charter Schools Association.

Charter Advocates Protest Lack of Facilities Funding for New York City

Charter school advocates in New York City are holding a class outside Tuesday to protest the lack of facilities funding charters receive from the state.

Common Core Affects Charters, Too

A Q&A on Education Week's special report on the common core math standards.

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