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A Florida law will require that schools give parents more information about accelerated course options, including skipping courses and grades if students can show they're academically ready.

Louisiana will rely on lottery to determine admissions to sought-after private schools, as part of its new statewide voucher program.

Districts will receive anywhere between a few thousand and several tens of thousand of dollars back from the state, but some systems say the funding is not enough to make up for student losses to vouchers.

Charter schools in Missouri would be allowed to expand beyond Kansas City and St. Louis, under a proposal being considered by state lawmakers.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is considering a measure to restrict the hiring of foreign workers on visas that charter schools. Michelle Rhee is urging him to veto it.

Linda Serrato, who has worked for Parent Revolution, a group that supports "parent trigger" proposals, is going to work for the Obama campaign.

Former Minnesota state Sen. Ember Reichgott Junge says policymakers need to focus more on what's working, and what's not in charter schools, to provide lessons to traditional public schools.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has concerns about a bill that would restrict charters' ability to hire foreign workers, a spokesman said.

Chester E. Finn, a former Reagan administration official and supporter of vouchers, sees a complex array of vouchers impeding or at least complicating their growth.

President Obama's 2013 budget cut the District of Columbia voucher program by $20 million, and House Speaker John Boehner isn't happy.

A bill that awaits Gov. Bill Haslam's signature would require Tennessee charters to post online information about meetings, policies adopted, curriculum, and other issues.

A strong majority of Detroit families have considered a range of public school choices, and 59 percent of them have students enrolled in an alternative to the assigned public schools, a survey shows.

Defying popular perception, charter schools in Michigan spend nearly $800 more per student on administration and $1,100 less on instruction than traditional publics, a pair of authors find.

Louisiana lawmakers approve a broad school voucher expansion, and an Oakland, Calif., school facing

Republican Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a major expansion of private school vouchers in her state, the second time she's nixed private school choice legislation in a year.

Alabama legislation would allow charter schools for the first time in the state, though only with nonprofit operators.

The Oakland school district's staff is recommending that its board of education deny the renewal of the American Indian Charter School II, after an audit alleges financial mismanagment.

The Aspire Public Schools, which currenly serve 12,000 students in California, is seeking to expand to Memphis, as part of Tennessee's Achievement School District.

Arizona's Republican-controlled House of Representatives has approved an expansion of private school "education savings accounts," a voucher program, to students in struggling public schools.


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