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Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, signs into a law a measure that will allow for charter school expansion in his state, but also create tighter regulation of the sector.

New Hampshire lawmakers overrode a veto by the governor to create a new system to provide tax credits in support of private school vouchers for students.

The Mind Trust, an Indianapolis-based charter school advocacy group, is giving two awards in a competition designed to help new, promising charter school models get off the ground.

A Texas charter schools association and parents are challenging the state's funding system as unfair in court, a move that follows a series of lawsuits brought by traditional school systems making similiar arguments.

State officials should create clearer standards for authorizing and reviewing charter schools, in order to make sure that poor-performing ones can be shut down, argues David Osborne, the author of a new paper published by the Progressive Policy Institute.

A report by a working group of charter schools teachers offers strategies for reducing teacher turnover in charter schools.

The Broad Foundation, which awards a prize for urban education, announces a first-ever award for charter school management organizations, and the winner is the YES Prep network, out of Houston.

Fewer of the public schools that have relatively big populations of students with disabilities tend to be charter schools, according to a new federal study.

Congressional lawmakers this week said they'd reached a deal with the Obama administration to allow for growth in the D.C. voucher program, but the U.S. Department of Education says it's not so.

A federal report says that charter schools enroll fewer students with disabilities than traditional public schools, citing several likely factors for that disparity.

An audit of a group of Oakland, Calif., charter schools finds evidence of "fraud or misappropriation of assets and other illegal activities," and a county school official says the findings will be referred to the local district attorney's office.

A judge in North Carolina has ruled that a virtual online school in North Carolina can go forward, despite the state board of education's objections. But the state, with the backing of dozens of school districts, is appealing.

Nina Rees, a former education adviser in George W. Bush's administration, will become the CEO of a national charter schools advocacy group.

About 610,000 students are on wait lists to attend charter schools, and 12 charters reported having backups of at least 2,000 students or more, an advocacy group says.

A Michigan proposal, which has cleared the state's Senate, would allow low-perfoming schools to be become "conversion schools," if they're in the bottom 5 percent of academic performance.

A new report examines the importance of finding the right match between teacher job candidates and schools -- and how some nonprofit charter operators do this successfully.

The past two years have produced a wave of state activity on charter schools, which include new laws eliminating caps on their growth, and tightening regulation of them.

Non-district authorized charter schools had a positive effect on the academic performance of nearby traditional public schools, according to a study of the Milwaukee school system.

A study examines whether school choice, through private school choice programs and charter schools, contributes to new school models, attracting entrepreneurs, and bringing about innovation.

Rocketship Education, Aspire, and KIPP are among the charter school operators that are either coming to Tennessee, or expanding their work there, through the state's Achievement SChool District, designed to turn around low-performing schools.

Virginia's Republican attorney general says that a new tax credit program that funds scholarships for students to attend private schools does not violate the state's constitution.


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