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A new brief from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute suggests three changes to governance laws to support the growth of high-performing charter school networks.

The Indiana Supreme Court on Tuesday unanimously upheld the state law that created Indiana's school voucher program

A new report released today by the National Catholic Education Association found that while 28 new schools opened, 148 were closed or consolidated in 2012-13.

Sean Kennedy argues that Chicago's Catholic schools could learn from the new management of Catholic high schools in Philadelphia.

The court will decide whether to uphold a lower court's ruling that the voucher program improperly funnels money from public to religious schools.

A variety of bills regarding the expansion of charter schools and tax-credit scholarship programs are moving through state legislatures.

An audit of charter schools in Pennsylvania found that six charters have received about $550,000 in improper lease reimbursements, among other violations, over the past seven years.

An analysis of charter school performance in five cities across the U.S. found that charters outperformed their district counterparts but lagged behind statewide performance.

Students in charter schools in Florida outpace their regular school peers on the FCAT and closing the achievement gap.

Parent-trigger bills in Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma are moving forward, and drawing strong reactions.

The National Association of Charter School Authorizors releases its "2012 Index of Essential Practices," which surveys charter school authorizers to see how they stack up.

A new report from the Broad foundation has outlined the policies and practices of the YES Prep charter school network.

In a surprise move, legislators in Alabama pushed through a school flexibility bill, which was retooled shortly before its passage to include tax-credit vouchers.


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