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Because many students have applied for admission at multiple charter schools, roughly half-a-million of them make up the nearly one million names on waiting lists, said the survey.

Expansion of the state's voucher program is one of the main provisions of a budget bill that Governor Scott Walker is expected to sign.

Charter school performance nationwide has improved since 2009 but varies widely by state, according to a new Stanford University study.

Charter school students are outpacing their regular public school peers and doing about the same in math, the study found.

Pending approval from Gov. Nikki Haley, South Carolina will launch the state's first tax-credit scholarship program, available to students with disabilities.

The Norfolk school system, in Virginia, is seeking to create 10 conversion charters and open a new high school with the aim of increasing graduation rates and student achievement.

Students in Illinois' charter schools learn significantly more than their regular public school peers in both reading and math, says Stanford's CREDO.

Newark has announced an effort to create a common application for student admission for all charter schools and regular public schools in the district.

Lawmakers and education experts in Iowa, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin are debating the merits and drawbacks to voucher programs.

A new law will allow charter schools to open in New Zealand for the first time, beginning in 2014.

According to a new survey, half of charter schools will outgrow their current facility over the next five years.

After the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled its funding mechanism unconstitutional, lawmakers reworked the program as a line item in the state budget.

The Maine Senate has passed a moratorium on virtual charters there, and New Jersey's education chief has denied two virtual charters permission to open.

A debt-saddled Michigan school district underwent a bold experiment this year, transitioning to a charter district run by a for-profit charter management company.


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