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Families of children with special needs are less likely to apply and enroll their children in charter schools, a new study has found.

Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz is canceling school to encourage parents and students to take part in a pro-charter march in New York City.

Catch up with the latest developments in school choice news in Atlanta, Washington, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Milwaukee's independent charters outperformed the district, but still fell below the state's expectations.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal calls the Obama administration's legal intervention over the state's private school voucher program "cynical, immoral, and hypocritical."

A new statewide teacher evaluation policy does not explicitly define how it applies to charters, leaving many confused about its implications.

Addison Wiggin says the only things charters do well is restrict teachers' unions power and line the pockets of their investors in a Forbes article.

Spokane Public Schools will be the first district in Washington State allowed to approve charter schools.

Parents, schools, and staff get guidance around parent-trigger efforts in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

In New York City, charters can no longer reserve seats for at-risk students, and in Louisiana, Gov. Jindal vows to fight against a lawsuit to stop vouchers in certain districts.

A study finds no statistical evidence that charter schools are "pushing out" low-performing students at a rate higher than traditional public schools.

Corruption charges against the founder of PA Cyber Charter could reinvigorate calls for reform in how the state's cyber charter schools are funded and authorized.


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