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From straight-up accusations of charter school fraud to misspent voucher funds, here are the most clicked-on stories on this blog, this year.

Challengers backed by the state's teachers' union argued that the new law, which loosens eligibility requirements for the state's tax-credit scholarship program, was unconstitutional.

In an order issued Friday, a judge placed the struggling York City School District in receivership for three years.

Several Alabama Republican lawmakers said they plan to attempt passing another charter school law. Nebraska is poised to consider charters, too.

On this week's school choice news roundup: why Ohio's Governor is pledging to retool the state's charter school law, and what it's like "inside" a virtual school.

The agreement includes changes to the charter renewal process.

The North Carolina Board of Education is required by the state legislature to approve to virtual charter schools this year to open in 2015 as part a four-year pilot program.

In response to a major study showing poor performance among Ohio charter schools, a national education-consulting group is proposing several policy changes for the state.

Experts weigh in on who benefits from charter school discipline policies and how Ohio's charter school students are performing.

A local judge is hearing arguments on whether the state can appoint a receiver for the financially-strapped district which could become the first in Pennsylvania to have all of its schools turned over to a for-profit charter school operator.

Filed in 2010, the complaint says school choice reform efforts in New Orleans have left many students with disabilities behind.

The New York City charter school founder and advocate spoke in Washington Tuesday about the successes of Success Academy, as well as the challenges facing the network of charter schools.

Wisconsin is home to one of the oldest voucher programs in the country, in Milwaukee.

He says he is departing as executive director of Parent Revolution, the advocacy group he founded in Los Angeles, to pursue other opportunities.

Twenty Columbus, Ohio schools are eligible for sweeping education reforms under the state's parent-trigger law, but parents haven't sought to use the controversial strategy.

Today on the weekly Charters & Choice news roundup, we'll look at the case for competition: does competition from charters improve traditional schools and how are school districts handling the new paradigm?

The report from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers analyzes and compares states with similar authorizing environments as laws vary greatly from state to state.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a complaint saying charter schools in Delaware have become a system of mostly segregated schools, according to the Associated Press.

Responses from 4,000 public school parents in eight cities reveal a variety of challenges in navigating increasingly complex school choice systems.

Los Angeles Unified is home to the largest number of students enrolled in charter schools, while New Orleans has the highest percentage of students in charters.

The low-performing charter schools are located across California and are all overseen by local school districts.

Investigators with the Education Department's office for civil rights found that English-language learners and students with disabilities were significantly underrepresented on campuses run by the state's largest charter school operator.

A high-profile New York City charter school founder argues that state test data show that in areas of the city where there are lots of charters, academic performance in traditional district schools improved.


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