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The Virginia House passes a "Tebow Bill" for home schoolers, and Deion Sanders' Texas charter school faces closure.

The variation in conclusions from three studies released this week can likely be attributed to methodology ... and politics.

Activists are calling for the Buckeye Community Hope Foundation to cancel 11 contracts with Concept Schools, a charter management company whose Ohio charters have been under both state and federal investigation for labor practices, alleged sexual misconduct, and tampering with test and attendance records.

How can parents make smart decisions about where to spend their vouchers or which charter schools to pick if they don't have annual testing data at their fingertips?

This is the sixth year that the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has produced the rankings, which are determined by how well state laws stack up against a model law developed by NAPCS.

Advocates for school districts see Title I portability as a pit-stop on the highway that leads to voucherville.

More than 11,000 events celebrating school choice are planned in all 50 states throughout the week.

On this week's roundup: why private schools opt out of voucher programs and a peak behind the scenes of KIPP's intensive principal training program.

Staff members from three Ohio charters are seeking to organize. If they succeed, they'll join a small group of unionized charter schools nationally.

Governor Cuomo proposed raising the cap on charter schools in New York City and creating education tax-credits for private school scholarships.

Regulation and maintaining independence are the primary reasons private schools choose not to participate in voucher or tax-credit scholarship programs, according to a new report

Education Week's special report examines KIPP's intensive training for up-and-coming principals, as well other issues relevant to charter and private school leadership.

The state's department of education says all new charter schools should have to provide transportation, with existing charters eventually having to bus students as well.

Parent surveys tend to overstate the importance of academics in school choices among low-income, New Orleans families.

Alabama is one of only eight states without a charter school law, although several school choice advocates think the state will be the next domino to fall.

Parents will submit petitions to district officials Wednesday that would clear the way for them to transform their children's low-performing Anaheim school into a charter.

Utah, Iowa, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania have lifted requirements for home schooling families, reports The New York Times

State lawmakers are revving up for their legislative sessions, and school choice-related bills are popping up, including a Wisconsin proposal to turn failing schools into charters.

Whether you're an urban, suburban, or rural-based school leader, or a district, charter or private school principal, we want you to send us pictures taken throughout the day on Wednesday, Jan. 7.

Rep. Mark Pocan, a Democrat, has asked the U.S. Government Accountability Office to compare numerous outcomes between the voucher-receiving schools and local public schools.

Also featured in this week's news roundup: how legal challenges are affecting Alabama's new tax-credit scholarship program, and how to home school in a 'tiny house'.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that only 11 new schools opened last year, compared to over 50 in 2013.


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