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The Colorado Supreme Court decided Douglas County's Choice Scholarship Program is unconstitutional.

Arizona-based BASIS charter school network is starting to get into the private school business. That story and more on the Charters & Choice news roundup.

The American Federation of Teachers and In the Public Interest argue that the Walton Family Foundation's ideology has led to rapid expansion of a charter sector that lacks transparency and accountability and is undermining traditional public schools.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools President and CEO Nina Rees discusses trends and issues in the sector at the 2015 National Charter Schools Conference in New Orleans.

The Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools winner was announced at the annual National Charter Schools Conference in New Orleans.

The annual National Charter Schools Conference is the largest gathering of charter school professionals in the country.

New Orleans education reforms and Jeb Bush's impact on the Republican presidential primary are just a couple of topics discussed this week on the school choice news roundup.

The Washington State Charter School Commission has given the state's first charter another shot at proving it can provide a sound education to students.

The California Virtual Academies are the subject of a series of complaints focused on their data-privacy protections, academic quality, attendance and truancy policies, and a host of other issues.

An annual report on the state of public schooling in New Orleans examines a range of issues including changes in student achievement, teacher demographics, and school oversight.

Indiana's school voucher program cost the state $40 million this year, according to a report from the Indiana Department of Education.

Charter school teacher retention rates and graduates' persistence problems are two issues discussed in this weeks Charters & Choice news roundup.

Even though Arizona charter schools get less funding than regular district schools, the formula is constitutional.

More states are following the example of Louisiana, Tennessee, and Michigan in setting up their own 'achievement' or 'recovery' school districts. The Fordham Institute examines the trend.

School vouchers v. educations savings accounts v. tax-credit scholarships. What are the differences among these private school choice programs and why does it matter? A Charters & Choice explainer.

Nevada passed an unprecedented school voucher-like law, while an investigation found Ohio charter schools misspend taxpayer money more than any other public sector.

Under Nevada's new law, 93 percent of students in the state will be eligible for the program.

Parents of students attending a struggling Los Angeles Elementary School accept a comprehensive school reform plan from the Los Angeles Unified School District.

If signed into law by the governor, parents will be able to use the per-pupil funding earmarked for their child toward tuition or other expenses at nonpublic schools.


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