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Homeschooling will soon be the only way for parents to avoid California's new vaccination law.

Several charter schools in Hawaii are opening free pre-K programs with the help of a federal grant.

The state's voucher program gives scholarships to low-income students to use at private schools.

Regulations for home schoolers vary widely across the country, according to a report from the Education Commission of the States.

Ohio's top school choice official has resigned for not including the failing grades of some online charter schools in their sponsors' evaluations.

Charter schools are often criticized for high teacher turnover rates, but do the numbers back that claim?

Achievement School District Superintendent Chris Barbic is stepping down from the helm of the state-run turnaround district, citing health concerns and a need for fresh leadership.

South Carolina and Republican Senator Tim Scott's attempt to add Title I portability language to the bill failed.

Why don't more charter schools offer preschool? A new report from the Fordham Institute examines the barriers to creating such programs.

Wisconsin students with disabilities who have been denied open enrollment into other school districts are now eligible for $12,000 that they can use to enroll in a private school.

Democrats cleared their first school choice policy hurdle, defeating a voucher amendment on the second day of debate on an Elementary and Secondary Education Act overhaul bill.

Indiana's new budget aims to help close the state funding gap between charters and regular public schools.

A measure in Wisconsin's proposed K-12 budget would allow home-school students to play sports on public school teams.


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