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The Denver district and high-performing charters in the city are working together to better serve students with significant disabilities.

Founded by Google's former head of personalization, AltSchools focuses on personalized instruction driven heavily by technology.

Charter schools are unconstitutional in Washington state, and the state's high court says it will not reconsider its September decision.

A state agency has cleared the way for educators who work in the California Virtual Academies to form a union.

The prominent researcher and president of the National Association of Independent Schools, died Nov. 12. He was 61, and had worn multiple hats in the education world.

The state' supreme court struck down, as a violation of the state constitution, a program to lend free textbooks to private school students.

White House hopefuls Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson all had plenty to say this week about charter schools and school vouchers.

A federal appeals court says the Justice Department overstepped its authority in demanding information about the race of students in Louisiana's private-school voucher program.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools' annual report identifies cities with large numbers of charter school students both in terms of percentage and raw numbers.

A study finds finds that charter schools serve a smaller proportion of students with disabilities than their district counterparts, but are more likely to place them in general education classrooms.

Over the weekend Hillary Clinton, a longtime charter fan, had some tough words for charters, specifically when it comes to equity. And that sent the internet into a bit of a tail spin.

The U.S. Department of Education has outlined new requirements Ohio must meet in order to access $32 million in federal dollars earmarked for expanding charter schools in the state.

A Las Vegas Sun analysis found that the majority of applicants for Nevada's sweeping new voucher-like program hail from Las Vegas' wealthier suburbs, while very few come from the inner city.

Malika Anderson has been appointed the new superintendent of the Achievement School District, Tennessee's state-run turnaround district. She will take over the post from Chris Barbic.

The Ohio legislature passed HB2 in early October, revamping the way the state regulates charter schools following reports of widespread corruption, financial mismanagement, and poor academic outcomes among some of the state's schools.


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