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Charter, magnet, district, or private school? As school choice expands, more parents are facing those questions. Here are some practical tips on how to pick a school from two experts.

The House Education Committee decided to not consider a Senate-passed bill to fix Washington's charter school law.

Rocketship Education allows parents to participate in the interviews and hiring process of new teachers at the chain's charter schools.

Participation in Louisiana's private school voucher program has had a negative impact on student test scores, according to researchers at Tulane University and the University of Arkansas.

BAEO plans to hold what it's calling a national innovation contest to come up with ideas to reshape the organization

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling could ultimately affect how Philadelphia manages school closings, teacher contracts, and decisions on charter schools.

The Oklahoma supreme court's ruling that vouchers are constitutional could help pass a bill to create an education savings account program.

A video published by the New York Times shows a teacher in the city's largest charter school network, Success Academy, disciplining a student for incorrectly answering a math problem.

A new report from The Century Foundation highlights the admissions practices of regular school districts and charters that are designed to foster diversity.

Parents at 20th Street Elementary dropped a parent-trigger initiative in June after reaching an agreement with the Los Angeles Unified School District, but now say LAUSD hasn't delivered.

Denver is the first large school district to receive an A grade from the Brookings Institution's annual Education Choice and Competition Index.

This week marks the 42nd annual national Catholic Schools Week, and a lot has changed in the Catholic schooling landscape in the U.S.


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