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Rob Goad is on leave from Rep. Luke Messer's office and is currently in New York City working for the Trump campaign, according to sources.

The lawsuit argues the state's cap on charter schools, a moratorium on new magnet schools, and policies discouraging student transfers among school districts are all unconstitutional.

The state's new division for charter schools will help oversee the reauthorization process, and provide charter schools with fiscal and academic oversight.

Although charter schools are more popular among Republicans than Democrats, the reverse is true for school vouchers, according to a survey by Education Next.

Oliver dug into some of the most cringe-worthy cases of fraud and academic failure in charter schools across the country on his program Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Attending a "no excuses" charter school raised students' test scores and four-year college enrollment, but had no significant effect on future earnings.

The appeals court agreed with an earlier ruling that a lawsuit challenging the state program that allows corporations to receive tax credits in exchange for funding scholarships for poor students to attend private schools should not be allowed to proceed.

States and districts that run virtual schools should ensure those schools follow mandates around such issues as testing and student identification, says a "Dear Colleague" letter from the U.S. Department of Education.

Ohio auditor Dave Yost, a Republican, says that virtual schools should be compensated based on what their students learn.

McMullin, a former CIA officer who used to work as a Republican congressional staffer, said school choice benefits students in poverty.

The venerable civil rights organization and Black Lives Matter activists are calling for a moratorium on charter school growth.

A group of parents backed by organizations that include the Washington Education Association is challenging the latest iteration of Washington state's charter law.

The ACLU of Southern California says admissions policies at about 20 percent of California charter schools violate state law.

Full-time virtual charter school students in Ohio perform worse academically than their peers enrolled in traditional district schools, according to a study commissioned by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.


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