The White House issues on presidential proclamation on charter schools, calling them "incubators of innovation."

A survey finds that much of Catholic school principals report being overwhelmed with administrative, marketing, and development duties, as the seek to boost enrollment.

Tennessee's legislature recently approved a bill setting tight limits on the hiring of foreign workers at charter schools -- and Gov. Bill Haslam has now allowed it to become law, without his signature.

A report claims that a number of well-known charter school networks, including KIPP, Uncommon Schools and Achievement First, outspend traditional public schools serving comparable populations.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who some see as a possible Republican vice-presidential pick, vows to continue to pursue a private school voucher program, despite political opposition.

An author takes another look at research and says that urban charters spend less on administration than traditional public schools do, despite claims to the contrary.

A Florida law will require that schools give parents more information about accelerated course options, including skipping courses and grades if students can show they're academically ready.

Louisiana will rely on lottery to determine admissions to sought-after private schools, as part of its new statewide voucher program.

Districts will receive anywhere between a few thousand and several tens of thousand of dollars back from the state, but some systems say the funding is not enough to make up for student losses to vouchers.

Charter schools in Missouri would be allowed to expand beyond Kansas City and St. Louis, under a proposal being considered by state lawmakers.


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