Republican Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a major expansion of private school vouchers in her state, the second time she's nixed private school choice legislation in a year.

Alabama legislation would allow charter schools for the first time in the state, though only with nonprofit operators.

The Oakland school district's staff is recommending that its board of education deny the renewal of the American Indian Charter School II, after an audit alleges financial mismanagment.

The Aspire Public Schools, which currenly serve 12,000 students in California, is seeking to expand to Memphis, as part of Tennessee's Achievement School District.

Arizona's Republican-controlled House of Representatives has approved an expansion of private school "education savings accounts," a voucher program, to students in struggling public schools.

A bill would require California's charters to provide at least one free or reduced-price lunch to needy students, as traditional public schools do.

Legislation would bar Tennessee charter schools from hiring foreign workers on temporary visas for more than 3.5 percent of their total staff.

A new paper argues in favor of "fiscal federalism," which would direct the federal government to promote school choice but scale back many of its other functions.

Providing new and experienced teachers with coaching is a key feature of the most effective charter school management organizations, but they take very different approaches to that work.

Georgia voters in November will vote on a proposed constitutional amendment to give the state authority to approve charters over the objections of local school boards.


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