President Trump's proposed cuts to major K-12 programs such as Title II would hit charters and private schools in ways that are similar to traditional public schools.

Kentucky has officially become the 44th state to allow charter schools after Gov. Matt Bevin signed a measure into law that allows the publicly funded, but independently operated schools.

The Politics K-12's team took a look at Trump's proposal to use $1 billion in additional Title I aid to states to encourage public school choice.

The Education Commission of the States released a state-by-state comparison of voucher programs that allow public funds to follow students to private schools.

President Donald Trump's proposed federal budget would carve more than $13 billion from federal education spending, but would boost investments on school choice initiatives like vouchers and charter school grants.

After years of failed attempts, Kentucky legislators have approved a bill to allow charter schools to operate in the state. Gov. Matt Bevin is expected to sign the measure.

The number of new charter school openings has dropped dramatically in recent years, perhaps because of a notable decline in the numbers of applications to open new charters. The National Association of Charter School Authorizers is pledging to find out why.

Lawmakers in Tennessee, Texas and Nevada are all considering legislation related to school vouchers or education savings this year.

Demand for charter seats spikes as Boston debuts an online system that allows parents to submit a single application for multiple charter schools.

A new report from the left-leaning Center for American Progress finds that in 85 percent of school districts, vouchers could either fail or are very likely to fail. The Trump administration is mulling how to dramatically expand K-12 choice programs.


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