Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval says he'll help lawmakers get the state's embattled school voucher-like program properly funded.

Supporters of the expensive bid to allow the expansion of charter schools in the state conceded defeat before all voters had been counted.

A ballot question on whether to raise the charter school cap in Massachusetts has become the dominant school choice political story of this election.

The U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics released a report with estimates on home schooler numbers and characteristics.

State and local policies around serving special-education students in virtual schools are highly inconsistent-and in many cases it's largely unknown whether the online programs are complying with federal disabilities law, a new report finds.

The types of students that enroll in charter schools varies greatly from state-to-state, according to an analysis by the American Enterprise Institute.

Closing poorly-performing schools or converting them into charter schools improved student performance under specific conditions, according to the Education Research Alliance at Tulane University.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ratified on Saturday a proposal put forward by its members calling for a moratorium on charter school growth.

Audits of student login and software-usage records at nine Ohio cyber charters found the schools could not justify the full-time attendance of thousands of students.

The Department of Education's Office of Inspector General found that the relationships between charter schools and charter management organizations in several states lacked controls designed to prevent fraud.


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