IDEA Public Schools wins the Broad Prize over fellow finalists Success Academy and Yes Prep.

Just as a ballot initiative to raise the state's cap on charters met a crucial deadline, state Senate leadership acknowledged that an attempt to pass a bill that would have eased the cap was all but dead.

A controversial Los Angeles-area plan to double the number of charter schools was drastically changed to offer new opportunities for students in low-income neighborhoods in all types of public schools

A new report outlines the challenges facing the online-only schools and offers recommendations to hold their authorizers accountable for student performance and financial decisions.

A judge said that the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools can't deny organizers access, but also said the group's communications to teachers were legal.

Some see vouchers as offering greater flexibility and the potential for a better school fit for students with disabilities, says a new report from the Council for Parent Advocates and Attorneys.

Saturday marks the 25th anniversary of the first charter school law being passed. Ember Reichgott Junge, the former Minnesota Democratic state senator who authored the charter legislation, shares her thoughts on the evolution of the movement.

Texas-based Yes Prep and IDEA Public Schools are finalists for the annual Broad Prize along with Success Academy.

The state of Louisiana has been overseeing the majority of New Orleans' schools for over a decade.

Despite more than a decade of letting students choose where to attend high school, students who live in poor neighborhoods of New York City still graduate at far lower rates than their wealthier peers.


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