A wide-reaching bill from a Florida senator who previously backed a parent-trigger law would affect open-enrollment and charter school policies.

If the governor signs the bill, only seven states without charter laws will remain.

The report also shows that most urban charter and district schools are serving equal numbers of English language learners as well as students in poverty and special education.

Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice's policy expert Leslie Hiner weighs in on what's cooking in state legislatures.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools' policy expert Todd Ziebarth weighs in on what's brewing in state legislatures.

This week in the Charters & Choice news roundup: While former NBA star Allan Houston pushes for vouchers in Tennessee, Arizona and Florida pilot a radical new kind of choice program.

The lawyers contend the state's cap on the number of charter schools is unconstitutional because it strips some students of their right to a quality education.

A union-run charter school in New York City is slated for closure, while union and charter school supporters descend on Albany in dueling attempts to influence lawmakers.

An expert panel appointed by Connecticut's governor recommends in a draft that home-schooled students with disabilities receive individualized education programs and be monitored by their local school system.

The voucher program, which provides low-income students with up to $12,000 for use at private schools, is no stranger to testy funding battles.


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