The head of the influential Philadelphia School Partnership told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he hopes the $35 million will "take the cost issue off the table for the district."

Speaking at an event in Washington for the release of the Brookings Institution's 2014 Education Choice and Competition Index, Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., said to "put the money in the kid's backpack."

Using data from the 2013-14 school year, the Brookings Institution's 2014 Education Choice and Competition Index ranks districts based on how many school choice options and supports families can access.

Districts across the country have sought to forge such ties, but Florida's effort is unique because it's being led by the state.

The proposed increase would bring the total amount under the federal Charter Schools Program to $375 million for fiscal year 2016, a hike of 48 percent.

California's state education department has released an advisory in reaction to a recent report that found many California charter schools had parent work quotas.

The Virginia House passes a "Tebow Bill" for home schoolers, and Deion Sanders' Texas charter school faces closure.

The variation in conclusions from three studies released this week can likely be attributed to methodology ... and politics.

Activists are calling for the Buckeye Community Hope Foundation to cancel 11 contracts with Concept Schools, a charter management company whose Ohio charters have been under both state and federal investigation for labor practices, alleged sexual misconduct, and tampering with test and attendance records.

How can parents make smart decisions about where to spend their vouchers or which charter schools to pick if they don't have annual testing data at their fingertips?


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