Last week, Fla. Democrats weighed in on Governor Rick Scott's education reform initiatives. Today we get a Republican state representative's take on candidate Charlie Crist's ed reform record.

The Pritzker Taubert Family Foundation is committing about $3 million in college scholarships for undocumented youth who will graduate from Chicago's Noble Network of Charter Schools.

Education has become a major part of the governor's race in Florida, and school choice polices are no exception.

A look back at the week in school choice news and beyond. From the "original charter school promise" to the early days of the home school movement to the most-banned books of the last decade, here is this week's Charters & Choice news roundup.

Former President Bill Clinton is wading into the charter school accountability debate, noting at an event earlier this week that while charters have great potential, the movement isn't totally delivering on its promises, according to The Huffington Post.

The investigation comes on the heels of a civil rights lawsuit alleging that the closure of the last five traditional public schools governed by the city's largest school district disproportionately affected African-American students.

A challenge to a Florida school choice law, backed by its statewide teachers' union, experienced a setback today when a county circuit judge dismissed the case based on lack of standing.

A year into his job running the National Association of Independent Schools, NAIS President John Chubb speaks with EW opinion blogger Peter Gow about issues facing private education.

A year into his job running the National Association of Independent Schools, John Chubb and EW opinion blogger Peter Gow discuss the rising cost of private school tuition.

Yes, charter school teachers can unionize. Here's a Q&A with one of them.


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