This Sunday marks the kickoff of the fourth annual National School Choice Week, which promotes school choice options through a variety of colorful events.

A study controls for teachers' background characteristics to arrive at a better understanding of the differences between teachers' experiences in charters and traditional public schools in one Texas district.

The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice today released its annual report cataloging the various school choice programs around the country.

Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Indiana all have proposals to provide vouchers for students who are poor or students with special needs.

An investigative piece in Slate claims one Texas charter network with 65 campuses is teaching creationism and other unconstitutional, religiously driven lessons.

Private schools accepting voucher- and tax-credit-scholarship students should be required to administer state tests to those students and disclose the results, says the Fordham Institute.

A new advocacy group has filed Freedom of Information Act requests seeking to expose ties between U.S. Department of Education officials and education corporations.

A new bill in the Wisconsin House of Representatives that would expand charter schools in the state prompted seven hours of debate on Thursday.

Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., used a high-profile speech on education to draw attention to what he sees as a concerted effort to tamp down school choice.

Washington-based think tank the Brookings Institution released its annual report ranking 107 school districts based on how well school choice can thrive.


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