In New York City, charters can no longer reserve seats for at-risk students, and in Louisiana, Gov. Jindal vows to fight against a lawsuit to stop vouchers in certain districts.

A study finds no statistical evidence that charter schools are "pushing out" low-performing students at a rate higher than traditional public schools.

Corruption charges against the founder of PA Cyber Charter could reinvigorate calls for reform in how the state's cyber charter schools are funded and authorized.

The money will go toward expanding the network of high-performing charter schools.

Sixty-six percent of families receiving funds through Arizona's education savings accounts put the money toward private school tuition, a study by the Friedman Foundation has found.

The federal government is seeking to prevent future vouchers from being awarded in Louisiana districts under desegregation orders.

Charter school teacher salaries in DC, a push to create charters in Kentucky, an audit of a Pa. charter school, and a critique of a charter school study topped headlines on the independent public school sector this week.

While nearly 70 percent of those surveyed back charter schools, the same number are against allowing public dollars to flow to private schools.

Over the past five years, 12 new charter schools have opened on Native American reservations, says a new analysis.

More than a third of charter schools in 2010-11 left blank fields where ELL enrollment data should have gone, a GAO report says.


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