Newark has announced an effort to create a common application for student admission for all charter schools and regular public schools in the district.

Lawmakers and education experts in Iowa, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin are debating the merits and drawbacks to voucher programs.

A new law will allow charter schools to open in New Zealand for the first time, beginning in 2014.

According to a new survey, half of charter schools will outgrow their current facility over the next five years.

After the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled its funding mechanism unconstitutional, lawmakers reworked the program as a line item in the state budget.

The Maine Senate has passed a moratorium on virtual charters there, and New Jersey's education chief has denied two virtual charters permission to open.

A debt-saddled Michigan school district underwent a bold experiment this year, transitioning to a charter district run by a for-profit charter management company.

Vouchers saved Indiana's public schools $5 million, says the department of education. And in Wisconsin, Republicans push for a voucher expansion.

Students in Louisiana's voucher program performed worse on state tests than students statewide.

Chester E. Finn Jr. argues that smaller private and parochial schools must change their pricing and delivery structures to remain viable.


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