Students in KIPP schools outperformed their district counterparts in math, reading, science, and social studies, a new study has found.

High-profile charter school leader Steve Barr is not only tackling school turnaround in New Orleans, he's pursuing a new, non-charter effort to provide better secondary school choices to middle class families in Los Angeles Unified

A new report from Education Week compares discipline policies in traditional public schools with those of charter schools.

Charter school students gain, on average, an additional month of learning in reading and five additional months of learning in math than their public school peers.

In an exclusive interview with Education Week, Richard Barth talks about expulsion and suspension policies in his charter school network.

The board voted to approve a parent petition to overhaul the management of the 24th Street Elementary School under the state's parent-trigger law.

From vouchers and tax credits to charter schools and parent trigger laws, many state legislatures are debating the merits and drawbacks of school choice.

Although demographics for students in Milwaukee Public Schools and the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program are similar, those in MPCP perform slightly worse on standardized tests.

Jeanne Allen, the president and founder of the school-choice advocacy group the Center for Education Reform, will step down from her position on Nov. 1.

The Center for Education Reform calls the recent CREDO study about charter schools' growth and replication "highly misleading."


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