Illinois lawmakers have created a program to use tax-credits to send thousands of kids to private schools. But the program has testing and anti-discrimination requirements that make it unique from other states'.

The state will join nearly 30 others that offer private school choice to families, a favorite policy initiative of the Trump administration.

Pollsters hypothesize that the causes may include changing dynamics within the Democratic Party, as well as high-profile debates over charter school expansion.

A group that aims to halt a the expansion says it has collected enough signatures for a petition to stop the new law from taking effect.

After Texas adopted stricter rules for charter schools, student academic performance in the sector is climbing. These findings may add more fodder to the debate over whether government should play a bigger role in regulating and shutting down charter schools.

A report from the civil rights organization is the result of a nationwide "listening tour," which came in the wake of the NAACP calling for a moratorium on all new charter schools.

Earl Phalen, founder of a charter network that serves mostly low-income black and Latino students in Indianapolis and Detroit, says the NAACP's wholesale criticism of charter schools is out of touch with many low-income African-American families.

School choice advocates will be watching to see if the NAACP will change its hardening posture toward charter schools as its leaders gather on Saturday for the annual meeting of the civil rights organization.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is scheduled to speak to state lawmakers and industry leaders at the American Legislative Exchange Council's annual meeting on Thursday. What will be her central message?

Private school choice supporters continue to hit a wall of opposition made up by not only by Democrats, but also members of their own party. In particular, Republicans from rural areas.


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