A Washington state ballot item does not contain a "parent-trigger" provision -- at least not in the way similar policies are worded in other states, a legislative analyst says.

During the first 2012 presidential debate, Mitt Romney gave only a brief mention of his plan to allow parents to use federal special education and Title 1 dollars for private school vouchers, and President Obama doesn't talk about his opposition to it.

The organization Parent Revolution raises concerns about a Michigan "parent trigger" proposal that it says would allow for-profit operators of charter schools.

Georgia's Department of Education places a banner on its website making it clear that the agency has no official position on a controversial charter schools referendum.

Harvard University professor Roland Fryer says demonstration projects in Denver and Houston reveal that strategies pioneered in charter schools can work in regular public school settings.

Georgia state schools superintendent John Barge agreed to remove a press statement voicing opposition to a charter schools referendum, after consulting with the state Attorney General's Office.

Friends and foes of the new movie "Won't Back Down," are waging a P.R. war over the film's accuracy and value as commentary on efforts to transform American schools.

The Arnold Foundation is the latest philanthropy to invest in efforts to improve schools in New Orleans.

New Hampshire's board of education recently imposed a moratorium on new charter schools, but the panel's chairman says an agreement is possible to end it.

An Atlanta attorney says Georgia state schools superintendent John Barge has used his office inappropriately to lobby against a charter schools referendum.


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