A proposal from the Los Angeles Unified School Board would place a moratorium on new charter schools, pending an analysis of several aspects of their operations.

The recently released Democratic party platform is decidely anti-voucher, but some leading voices in the party supported the concept as recently as the 1960s and 1970s, a think tank reports.

Jeb Bush talks about Florida's experience with school choice at the GOP convention.

Condoleezza Rice, a high-profile speaker at this year's Republican National Convention, used that forum to tout school choice.

The Republican platform argues in favor of vouchers, charters, and other versions of school choice, and against "centralizing forces seeking to remake America."

A study argues that students who attend Texas charter schools tend to arrive with stronger academic skills than students entering comparable, regular public schools.

Charter schools draw most of their students from traditional public schools, but they also pull substantial numbers from the private sector, especially in urban communities, a study finds.

Utah charter schools perform slightly worse than traditional public schools at the elementary level, but the independent schools make gains the longer they are in operation, a new study says.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has announced that a private foundation will take control of the management and leadership of the 17 Catholic and a number of special education schools, in a city where Catholic education has suffered financially.

A California school board has agreed to overhaul a low-performing elementary school, but it rejects the idea of converting it to a charter school, despite the wishes of a group of parents attempting to make use of the state's "parent trigger" law.


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