Efforts to promote school choice, while mostly limited thus far to disadvantaged communities, can thrive in the suburbs, argues Mike Petrilli, a Fordham Institute official and former education adviser in George W. Bush's administration.

San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Steve Malone says a group of parents can go forward with a much-disputed plan to convert their school into a charter school.

The Recovery School District in Louisiana has announced it will release clearer policies and guidelines for student expulsions in response to concerns that charter schools in the district have been expelling students at an unfairly high rate.

After the implementation of a change to the school assignment process that has been underway since 2010, the first group of students to be enrolled in the Wake County Public School System's new "controlled choice" plan started school on Monday. Now, there are signs that this latest plan will need some more tinkering.

A superior court judge in Calif. ruled that Aspire Public Schools, a charter agency that runs more than 30 schools in the state, must seek approval from local boards of education for six of those schools by June 2013 if operation is to continue.

Approvals bring total of virtual charter schools in the state to 16, after another closed last week.

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Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen, along with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, are among those contributing financially to a ballot effort to allow charters schools in Washington state.

In a victory for Pennsylvania's Republican governor, Tom Corbett, the state has approved an expansion of tax credits to business that offer private school scholarships.

A proposal to open a statewide virtual charter school in North Carolina has been rejected by a Wake County judge, who said the plan did not get the necesssary approval from the state board of education.


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