New York Families Sue State Over Funding Gap Between Charters and District Schools

Five families from Buffalo and Rochester filed the suit saying that charter school students get as little as three-fifths what their district counterparts receive, disproportionately affecting children of color and those from lower income families. Charter schools in the state serve far more black and Hispanic students than district schools, according to the lawsuit.

Twenty Columbus Schools Qualify for Overhauls Under Parent-Trigger Law

Three years after Ohio enacted a limited "parent trigger" law, nearly one-fifth of Columbus schools now qualify for major leadership overhauls if parents choose to initiate them.

Charters & Choice Friday News Roundup: It's a School Choice Buffet

I scour the Internet for school choice news so you don't have to. From homeschooling in the heartland to Democratic in-fighting over charter schools in the Big Apple, here are some of the best school choice reads I've found this week.

Georgia's Governor Draws Inspiration From Louisiana Charter School Model

The Republican governor, who's in a close election fight with Democrat Jason Carter, wants state lawmakers to explore how to expand charter schools, and is looking to a fellow Republican governor for inspiration.

Four New York City Charters to Get District Space

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is moving forward with providing four charter schools with space inside regular district buildings, including two Success Academy schools.

How Charter Schools are Helping Tribes Keep Their Native Languages Alive

A tribal language-reclamation project in Massachusetts is seeking approval from state education officials to open a language-immersion charter school on Cape Cod.

New York Mayor Hints at New Charter School Standards for Co-Locations

At a news conference, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio suggests that charter schools may have to serve more English-learners and special education students if they want to share space in a district-owned school building.

Tweeters Tell Us Why They Choose (or Don't Choose) Charter Schools

As the charter sector grows, more parents and teachers have the option to choose between a charter school and a traditional district school. For an Education Week Twitter chat, we talked to parents, teachers and administrators about their motivations for choosing—or not choosing—a charter.

Twitter Chat: Choosing Charter Schools—Why or Why Not?

Why did you choose a charter school? Why not? Whether you're a parent or a teacher, we want to hear from you about the motivations behind your school choice during an Education Week and Education Week Teacher Twitter chat tonight.

First Charter School Opens in Washington State

Washington's first charter school opens Wednesday in Seattle despite a legal challenge to the state's new charter law.

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