What if every school used our founding principles as a nation as its design principles for learning? How would schools need to change? And what would we unleash as a result?

What are the design principles of a more hopeful, solution-oriented approach to telling stories about teaching and learning? Is it possible to touch and to teach?

What are the policy implications of the 10-part video series 'A Year at Mission Hill?' And why does a DC policy expert find the series both inspiring and disorienting?

In a guest post for the Of, By, For blog, educator and author Kim Farris-Berg shares the insights from her research about teachers and the environments in which they are most likely to thrive.

In a guest post for the "Of, By, For" blog, educator Zac Chase views the new video series about Mission Hill through the lens of what he's studying as a doctoral student at the University of Colorado, and asks: "What is the measure of greatness of a school?"

In 2012, the most talked about education stories all had to do with three things: content, conflict, and catastrophe. What will the top stories of 2013 be, and who gets to decide? And if the stories we tell shape how we see the world, what kind of picture of public education do we wish to see?


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