African-American Students Found Falling Short of College-Readiness Benchmarks

A new report on college readiness shows that even when African-American students take the recommended core classes in high school most do not meet the minimum ACT scores to indicate they are on track to succeed in college.

White House Event Motivates First-Generation College Students to Persevere

First lady Michelle Obama invited 130 students from traditionally disadvantaged backgrounds to attend the 2015 Beating the Odds Summit to encourage them to find ways to complete college.

Groups Push to Alert Students of Troubled Colleges in New Consumer Tool

A coalition of nearly 50 organizations submitted a letter to the U.S. Department of Education urging that information on colleges facing government litigation be included in upcoming federal college tool.

High Schools Fall Short Preparing Students For College, Survey Finds

A new survey conducted for Achieve shows that most college instructors and employers believe students come to campus and the workplace with at least some gaps in preparation.

Low-Income Students Continue to Lag on College Readiness Measures

ACT test performance remains flat for low-income students, with just 11 percent meeting all four college-readiness benchmarks, compared to 26 percent of the overall test-taking pool.

Race-Based College Admissions Policies Reviewed in Report

The American Council of Education analyzed policies at 338 college and universities and found that one-third still consider race as a factor in admissions.

Free Community College Gains Momentum

The Oregon Promise was signed into law granting free community college tuition for high school graduates with a 2.5 GPA

New Blog Offers Analysis of Pathways to College and Career

Veteran reporter Catherine Gewertz debuts her new blog, High School & Beyond, this week, which focuses on policies that shape adolescents preparation for college and career.

Middle Schools Look for Ways to Connect Students with College and Careers

Granite Valley Middle School in Monson, Mass., entered into a partnership with four nearby colleges to build connections between the 5-8th grade students and the campuses.

Money's Best Colleges List Focuses on Value

A new list of 736 best-value colleges is based on measures that reflect student earnings, affordability, and educational quality.

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