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A new report outlines steps to improve productivity of colleges and encourages companies to support workers who want to further their education.

Study shows promise in performance-based scholarships ,leading to academic success.

For high school seniors unsure about committing to a college, experts offer advice on deferring and taking a gap year.

Report from Education Sector suggests education tax credits be eliminated and funds redirected to supporting low-income students through Pell Grants.

The cry to keep federal student-loan interest rates from doubling in July is getting louder. On Saturday, President Obama dedicated his weekly radio address to the call to stop federally subsidized Stafford loans from rising from the current 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. He is taking his message on the road this week. Then on Monday, probable Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney joined the chorus. My colleage Alyson Klein has more on this over at the Politics K-12 blog. Rich Williams, higher education advocate for US PIRG, framed Romney's position as evidence the issue is non-partisan. In recent ...

Report from American Association of Community Colleges sets goals for improving college readiness and completion rates

Report calls for more cooperation between employers, universities and government to improve careers for those with master's and professional degrees.

Harvard Strategic Data Project releases three new indicators for districts to measure college-going patterns of students.

As high school seniors narrow down their college decision, experts offer advice about weighing size, location, cost and other factors.

College acceptance of AP credit varies; new online resources available to help students prepare for rigor of courses

U.S. Department of Education decides to expand definition of college students to include part-timers in graduation rate data.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau unveils new interactive web tool, the Financial Aid Comparison Shopper.

Higher education groups weigh in on discussion over college affordability and benefits of a degree.

Excelencia in Education issues 50 separate reports on status of college completion among Latinos in each state.

Families are wise to look carefully at financial aid packages before committing to a college

Use of wait lists grows at colleges, but percentage who actually get offers is down.

Stress and economic concerns up among college applicants, according to Princeton Review survey.

National Association of Colleges and Employers release spring forecast for hiring new college grads that is 10.2 percent higher than last year.

Counselors offer tips on revisiting colleges before making the final commitment to attend.

New figures from the Federal Reserve show senior citizens owe substantial student loan debt.


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