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Canadian students turn out in thousands to protest tuition hikes.

US PIRG issues report critical of colleges entering relationships with banks that leave students with high fees.

Researchers critique value of college rankings and encourage student to look beyond the lists for right fit.

U.S. Senate fails to pass proposals from Republicans and Democrats for keeping Stafford student loan rates low.

College students need help navigating campus life to leverage the most from their education, according to advice from academics in a new book.

A professional group of student financial aid administrators released report with recommendations to improve award letters to students.

Students offer advice for making adjustment to first year of college.

Early career mapping can motivate students in school; free webinar offered on subject May 22.

Colleges report yield rates and give glimpse to wait list chances.

New study from the CDC links higher education to healthier lifestyles and longevity.

College Board names David Coleman to succeed Gaston Caperton as new leader

Survey from Rutgers researchers looks at early job experience of new college grads and desire to rethink college path.

Unemployment rates improve slightly, but still twice the national average for young people.

Research on summer developmental bridge programs shows encouraging results for raising students' math and English skills.

Student groups continue to lobby for Congress to block loan rate hike

Financial aid experts recommend changes to state grant programs to help most-needy students and encourage college completion.

U.S. News and World Report released its list of best high schools in the country.

Experts offer a snapshot into the college wait list process and tips on navigating.

The Education Sector releases report showing degree attainment has not progressed as rapidly as enrollment.

The College Board honors high schools with Inspiration Awards for outstanding college readiness against the odds.

NACAC posts list of colleges with openings remaining for Fall 2012.

Study of Louisiana community college students shows academic preparation was strongest indicator of success over being a recipient of financial aid.


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