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The SAT kicks off a redesign process with the goal of better aligning the test with the skills essential to college and career.

Despite averaged published prices of college tuition, costs vary widely.

Parents report saving less for college in 2012, compared with two years earlier in a new Sallie Mae survey.

The 2013 Grad Report to the Nation shows progress on the national high school graduation rate.

Women's progress in college may be linked to their willingness to take on debt and need for a degree to excel in the marketplace.

The College Board announces improvement in Advanced Placement scores among the high school class of 2012.

Dual-credit courses were offered in 82 percent of high schools in 2010-11, compared with 71 percent in 2002-03, a new report finds.

A free, new app, gives users career recommendations based on their personality in a quick, 84-image assessment.

Policymakers should keep in mind unique challenges for Latino college students in crafting federal financial aid policies, report from Excelencia in Education finds.

Determining Pell Grant eligibility in high school could encourage students to plan for college, a new policy brief suggests.

President Barack Obama calls for high schools to collaborate with employers to get students job-ready and for colleges to be accountable for affordability.

A high school senior creates an iPhone app in hopes of standing out in the Stanford application process.

Community college leaders reflect on ways to improve performance on campuses and public understanding of their work.

Stress levels among young people are on the rise, as counselors look for ways to help them cope.

New poll from Gallup and the Lumina Foundation calls for better quality, lower costs, and more flexibility in higher education.

Improvements to career- and college-readiness efforts can sometimes be traced back to visionary leaders.

Debate begins over women registering for selective service after combat ban is lifted.

Counselor advocates for college search process to begin with financial fit.


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