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Young adults want more exposure in high school and college to 21st-century skills of problem-solving and collaboration, a new Gallup poll reveals.

Students who major in the STEM fields tend to have the best opportunities for employment and earnings, according to a new report.

As organizations mark 529 College Savings Day, a survey finds nearly 70 percent of Americans aren't aware of 529 Plans and their role in providing savings accounts.

High school students are taking more science and math courses now compared with 1990, according to the new Condition of Education report.

A task force on community colleges calls for changes to the way higher education is funded to promote economic diversity and support disadvantaged students.

Young adults with increasingly higher levels of education are faring better in the job market, but are racking up more debt, according to a new federal report.

College enrollment falls by 1.6 percent, while degrees granted increases by 5.1 percent in 2011-12 compared with the year before, U.S. Department of Education data reveal.

ACT names four recipients of its first College and Career Readiness Awards at a gala Tuesday night.

Nearly half of recent college graduates were surprised by the amount of debt they accrued, a survey shows.

Best practices for addressing the high school dropout problem are incorporated in a new online guide from Grad Nation.

A Congressional Research Service analysis shows students and parents would pay more in finance charges on students loans under a Republican-backed bill that passed a House committee today.

A new report encourages counselors to talk to high school freshmen about college.

Fewer low-income and minority students fall "below basic" on "the nation's report card," but those groups don't fare as well at the "advanced" level, says a new report.

Federal college-prep programs for disadvantaged students defend the impact of their work in response to a brief calling for an overhaul of programs.

The proportion of 2012 Latino high school graduates who enrolled in college outpaced that of their white counterparts, says a new study.

Many students who receive Pell Grants pay high tuition at their colleges, as institutional aid is used to compete for other students, a new report says.

Federal college-preparation programs for disadvantaged students are criticized for their lack of evidence on impact in a new policy brief.

Expectations for first-year community college students are very low, and math requirements often don't match the kind of skills needed in most careers, says a new report.

Thirty-eight states assess juniors for college readiness, and 21 offer structured interventions to get high school students up to speed for crediting-bearing postsecondary work.

A list of 210 colleges still accepting students for the fall is posted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

Principals honored for their reform efforts in middle schools and high schools speak about the transition to college and career readiness standards.

All students taking AP exams must establish an account with the College Board to receive their scores in July.


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