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When measuring the worth of college, Gallup suggests using a measure of well-being alongside classic economic measures.

Families can use money accumulated in 529 college-savings plans to pay for dual-enrollment classes students take in high school.

A new college-ranking list from Washington Monthly focuses on value to students.

Graduation rates continue to improve for all students at small high schools of choice in New York City, a new MDRC study shows.

President Obama's proposal to rein in college costs by creating a new rating system, promoting innovation, and expanding student loan repayment options sparks reaction among stakeholders in higher education.

Junior Achievement launches new effort to help high school students explore careers and develop job-search skills.

The president plans to call for a college-rating system to assess performance, revisions to student-loan repayment programs, and innovations.

While 87 percent of test-takers in the class of 2013 aspired to go to college, just 26 percent met college-readiness benchmarks.

In 2011-12, 71 percent of all undergraduates received some type of financial aid compared with 66 percent four years earlier, says a new report.

U.S. Department of Education to change PLUS loan program to help more families qualify for college financial aid.

Experts encourage high school student to focus on a lesson learned in an internship when using the experience as a college essay topic.

Experts offer advice on how interns can stay in touch with mentors, get job evaluations, and leverage the most from summer work experience.

Implementation of the Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act begins, as groups look forward to next steps on the college-affordability agenda.

Nearly 80 percent of college students work during the school year, and 61 percent say expenses are more than they expected.

As the redesigned GED approaches, test-takers are rushing to complete the old GED test before the new version comes out on Jan. 1. Meanwhile, some states opt for different tests.

The highest share of young adults age 18 to 31 are living in their parents' home in four decades.

The nation's top colleges enroll proportionately more white students, while minority students enroll at open-access colleges.


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