How Can High Schools Get More Latinos on College Path?

Results of a study by NACAC and Excelencia in Education show high schools that serve predominantly racial/ethnic minority students differ in school counseling characteristics that may affect college enrollment rates.

Students Need More Info on Alternatives to Baccalaureate Path, Report Says

The William T. Grant Foundation issues a report, "The New Forgotten Half," showing students who drop out of college without a degree or credential are no better off in the labor market than high school graduates.

Survey Shows Uptick in Test-Optional Colleges

FairTest reports that 850 colleges now give students the option of submitting SAT and ACT scores, the largest increase in recent years with 25 more added since the spring of 2014.

Groups Pledge $100 Million to Expand Access and Equity to AP, IB Courses

Equal Opportunity Schools, the College Board, International Baccalaureate, and others join forces to expand programs that encourage underrepresented student to enroll in advanced courses in high school.

Book Author: Elite Colleges Aren't Be All, End All

Frank Bruni advocates for perspective and balance in the college search process in Where You Got is Not Who You Will Be, as he speak to parents on this book tour.

New Case Study Unpacks Boston's Success at Stemming High School Dropout Rate

The Rennie Center presents a case study on how Boston cut its high school dropout rate in half from 2004 to 2014.

Report Recommends Weighing Labor Market Data in College Choice

The Aspen Institute released a report with eight papers from education experts about how labor market data can be used by educators, policymakers, and students to better inform their decisions about college and career.

Low-Income Students Find Success at Small Private Colleges, Report Shows

A report by the Council of Independent Colleges suggests that disadvantaged students have better completion rates at small private colleges than their peers from similar backgrounds at larger public universities.

Why Don't More Americans Have a College Degree? Too Costly, Survey Finds

A poll of Americans without college degrees finds that most understand the benefits of a four-year degree, but think it is out of reach because of the high cost of tuition.

Researchers Recommend Ways to Strengthen College and Career Pathways

A new paper by researchers at MDRC and the University of California-Berkeley analyzes successful high school programs that embrace both career training and rigorous academics and recommends strategies to expand the model.

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