A "breakfast club," a "posse" program, and a universal college savings account were among the programs highlighted this week at a Washington forum aimed at smoothing the way to college for young black men.

A new report out from the Brookings Institution finds that only 7 percent of young-adult households are carrying student-loan debts of more than $50,000.

David Conley suggests students and colleges would be better served with a broader picture of their college- and career- readiness, including a scores reflecting their study skills, persistence, and technology proficiency.

The Amherst, Mass., college decided not to accept standardized test scores after determining they were not good indicators of student success.

A new documentary chronicles the race for prestige that has turned colleges into businesses that critics say are more focused on enrollment than student success.

A new report from the Education Trust calls for more accountability for colleges that graduate less than 15 percent of students in six years and have a large share of students who are unable to repay their loans after leaving school.

AT&T and Udacity partner to offer online degrees with job-focused credentials in six to 12 months.

A new book coauthored by a variety of experts outlines strategies to diversity the nation's college campuses.

Beginning in 2015, students graduating from Kalamazoo Public Schools will have a choice of using their Promise scholarships to attend a private or public higher education institution in the state.

The Senate fails to advance a bill to lower interest rates on existing student loans, while President Obama moves to enact regulatory changes to lower payments for college borrowers.


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