A new study of the Kalamazoo Promise finds, particularly among African-American students, that behavior and grades have improved since the scholarship program was launched.

As the popularity of earning college credit in high school grows, the Alabama House of Representatives has approved a bill that would offer tax credits to support such dual-enrollment programs.

The state's merit-based scholarship program has a GPA requirement that officials say keeps some students from enrolling in rigorous courses.

A new report from the Pew Research Center shows a growing gap in wages between young adults with college degrees and those with only a high school diploma.

College Board released its 10th annual AP Report to the Nation that shows the number of high schools students taking Advanced Placement course in the past decade has doubled, yet gaps persist in participation among minority students.

A recent survey of leaders in the K-12 and higher education shows a desire to work together to create a seamless pathway between the sectors, but finds that barriers persist.

Concerns are raised about new proposal being the best use of government funds to encourage college completion.

A new survey of students and employers reveal the high priority placed on gaining work experience in high school through internships and volunteering.

The Tennessee Promise program would be paid for with an endowment established with lottery reserves, the Republican governor said in a speech Monday.

A new survey of college-admissions counselors underscores the importance of taking a rigorous course load in high school and maintaining good grades.


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