While the new Common Core State Standards emphasize college and career readiness, some feel "career" has not gotten the attention it needs. Today, a network of educators and policy advocates announced it will be working together with a handful of states to make sure students find opportunities through all kinds of postsecondary training. The Pathways to Prosperity Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education released a report last year that challenged the focus on four-year degrees and highlighted the need to create additional pathways for students in postsecondary training. The cost of college and demands of the economy will ...

National Research Council releases report urging increased government investment in higher education research efforts.

College Board brief outlines growing enrollment in public higher education at a time of tighter state funding.

Evaluation of a pilot program at CUNY to help student fast-track through developmental education shows promising results.

U.S. Department of Education releases new college cost lists on the College Affordability and Transparency Center.

Getting Latino students into and through college can be a challenge. Many are first-generation college students whose families aren't familiar with the U.S. higher education system and financial aid. There can be language barriers and a cultural reluctance to move away from family and borrow for school. And, like other historically disadvantaged minority groups in the United States, many Hispanics attend K-12 schools without adequate counseling or course rigor. (See my full story on this issue, For Many Latino Students, College Seems Out of Reach in the latest edition of Diplomas Count.) While Latinos lag behind other groups in ...

A panel of education experts recommend entrepreneurial approaches to reforming college systems for improved learning and productivity.

Summer is a chance for high school students to explore careers and build resumes for college application.

College Board cancels pilot summer SAT offered only at exclusive program at Amherst College.

Georgetown researchers release a report chronicling the growth of certificates as a higher ed. option.


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