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September 09, 2013

ACT Profile Aims to Help Students Find Career and College Direction

A new interactive website to help high school students discover possible career and college options is launched by ACT Inc. today.

August 23, 2013

Administration's College Affordability Ideas Trigger Reaction

President Obama's proposal to rein in college costs by creating a new rating system, promoting innovation, and expanding student loan repayment options sparks reaction among stakeholders in higher education.

June 25, 2013

Higher Ed. Initiatives Emerge to Serve Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders

A new report provides a national profile of institutions serving Asian-American and Pacific Islander students.

June 14, 2013

Report Lists Top 10 (and Bottom 10) Cities and States for College Degrees

Massachusetts, Colorado, and Minnesota are the states leading the country in college-degree attainment, according to a new report.

June 13, 2013

Success With College-Completion Goal Hinges on Helping Minority Students

A new report reflects slight improvements in college completion, but less success among Latino and Africa-American students.

May 23, 2013

College Completion Linked to Job Success and Increasing Debt

Young adults with increasingly higher levels of education are faring better in the job market, but are racking up more debt, according to a new federal report.

May 09, 2013

Latino High School Grads Enrolling in College at Record Rates, Outpacing Whites

The proportion of 2012 Latino high school graduates who enrolled in college outpaced that of their white counterparts, says a new study.

May 09, 2013

Colleges Shortchanging Needy Students in Battle for Prestige, Money

Many students who receive Pell Grants pay high tuition at their colleges, as institutional aid is used to compete for other students, a new report says.

May 08, 2013

New Approach to College Prep for Low-Income Students Called For

Federal college-preparation programs for disadvantaged students are criticized for their lack of evidence on impact in a new policy brief.

October 17, 2012

Dual Enrollment Linked With Significant College Advantage

A study of more than 30,000 Texas high school students finds those who participate in dual enrollment as more than twice as likely to enroll in college and nearly twice as likely to earn a degree.

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