English Teachers' Group Seeks to 'Reclaim Assessment'

The National Council of Teachers of English reaches out to literacy teachers to explore the role assessment plays in their instruction.

Chicago Reverses Course, Will Give PARCC Test Districtwide

Chicago school officials say that the district can't risk the threatened loss of state and federal funding that could attend its refusal to give the test districtwide.

Opting Out of Testing: A Befuddling Mix of State Rules

A new research paper finds that the law in most states isn't clear about whether parents can opt their children out of testing.

Did the Common-Core Math Writers Accidentally Drop a Standard?

A member of the common-core feedback group said that somewhere within the many drafts of the document the writers lost a geometry standard.

Arkansas Will Require High Schools to Offer Computer Science

Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed a bill yesterday mandating that all public high schools in Arkansas offer computer science classes.

Georgia to Abandon Mandate on Teaching Integrated Math

Starting next school year, Georgia high schools will have the option to ditch "integrated math" and go back to the traditional Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II sequence that teachers there have said they prefer.

Obama to Give All 4th Graders Free Admission to National Parks

The President announced yesterday that, starting in September, all 4th grade students and their families will have free access to national parks and other public lands and waters for a year.

New York Keeps PARCC at Arm's Length

New York state has been dating PARCC for several years now, but it sent signals this week that it's not ready to plan a wedding.

Raspberry Pi, Used to Teach Students Coding, Hits 5 Million Sales

This week, the group that created the credit-card-sized computers announced that it had sold more than 5 million units.

Florida Gov. Scott Orders Suspension of 11th Grade Tests

The state's education commissioner also targets additional high school tests for elimination.

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