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Report Cards for Schools Down Under

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It's funny how school improvement ideas around the globe often sound similar themes.

As part of Australia's "education revolution," Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced a plan to require school report cards as a condition for receiving federal funding, according to this recent article in The Australian.

Rudd, who was elected in November, has also promised to appoint a board to craft a national curriculum, an effort that has been pushed in Australia for decades. The call for national academic standards here in the U.S. has also gained new traction recently.

Believe it or not, the plan to put a national curriculum in place throughout the commonwealth by 2011 has fueled fierce debate.

Sound familiar?

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Rudd's deputy says that the reports will help parents make a choice about where to send their children.
I would have thought that public education is one field where we can do without competition. That is, a parent should be able to take their child to the nearest school and be confident that it will be a good school, properly resourced and teaching at a high standard - not competing for funds with the school down the road.

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