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An EPA Blog—for Kids

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The Obama administration has pledged to make the federal government's work more transparent and to give the public more opportunities to make its opinion known on issues through technology and other means.

Whether those campaign visions come to fruition remains to be seen. But the administration is launching a new online tool to allow students to share ideas and opinions on environmental policy. It's a new blog called "Greenversations," run by the Environmental Protection Agency. The site is aimed at encouraging students to share ideas about the environment and energy issues, and reducing personal energy use.


In an announcement of the new blog, officials from the EPA note that students have historically played a big role in shaping some environmental policy, such as the growth in interest in recycling. The site is being created amid a surge of interest in renewable energy and green topics in schools.

The EPA says the site is supposed to be up and running officially later this week. What's up now is a basic introduction to it. The blog will written by Michelle Gugger, a participant in the AmeriCorps VISTA program, a volunteer effort, who is working with EPA’s regional Water Protection Division; and Loreal Crumbley, an intern at the EPA’s Office of Children’s Health Protection in Washington. It will present a new topic each week, and include tools such as a carbon calculator for students to evaluate their energy use.

(Credit for the photo goes to Steven Katovich, of the USDA Forest Service, Bugwood.org)

1 Comment

I couldn't agree more with this article. Educating our children about the environment from very early age will teach them to be better stewards. It is very important that school kids have to be taught about caring for the environment as a curriculum. We spend more money on sports education than the environment.

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