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Podcasting Science

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NASA, or the National Aeronautic and Space Administration, has been creating curricular resources for science teachers for years. Here's a new resource for educators ready to move beyond traditional paper and pencil lessons, and even beyond traditional computer-based activities.


The space agency has created a site that facilitates "do-it-yourself podcasts" for teachers and their classes. Teachers and students with camcorder or other video-recording equipment can record video and audio clips, then intersperse them with free NASA clips provided at the site. Podcast topics include Newton's laws, science lab safety, and the spacesuits worn by astronauts (you would expect no less from NASA).

More general science materials from the space agency, for grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12, higher ed, and informal ed, can be found here.

Photo courtesy of NASA.

1 Comment

I love this idea. I have heard of the connection that science teacher have for curriculum materials with NASA and think going this next step is what Art Educators have been doing all along. Making that connection, now a technology based step, really brings the importance and true to life use of science to our students.

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