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A "Cyber" Summit on Education

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Is this the new face of policy gatherings in the nation's capital? The Partnership for 21st Century Skills will stage a "Cyber Summit" on 21st-century skills, to be held entirely online from June 1-12.

The summit will offer a series of live video presentations, online forums, and webinars on examining 21st-century skills and knowledge (see my colleague Stephen Sawchuck's recent exploration of the issue, as well his follow-up article examining some of the criticism of the movement). Several state schools chiefs, including Steven Paine of West Virginia and Tom Horne of Arizona, are scheduled to participate.

The forum will include discussions of professional development, standards, assessments and curriculum, as well as an exploration of state and local practices aimed at promoting those skills.

1 Comment

I believe that having a forum to connect educators throughout the country together is a wonderful opportunity. I can not wait to hear the dicussion and debate on issues associated with education.

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