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Texas Board Chairman Ousted


Several Texas lawmakers have already made their dissatisfaction known with the performance of the state board of education and the recent saga over evolution's place in the state standards. Now members of the state Senate have succeeded in blocking the reappointment of the board's controversial chairman, Don McLeroy.


McLeroy, a dentist from College Station who joined the board in 2007, pushed for standards that encouraged more criticism of evolution and many core components of the biological theory. As self-described creationist, according to media reports (see this story from the Austin American-Statesman) he played a major role in the 15-member state board's recent revision of the state standards. Some of the more controversial language, which called for students to understand evolution's "strengths and weaknesses" was removed from the document, though other aspects of it have stirred unease within the scientific community, as I reported a while ago.

McLeroy's reappointment to the board by Republican Gov. Rick Perry was blocked by the state Senate, according to the Associated Press. The vote was actually 19-11 in favor of keeping him, but he needed a two-thirds majority, and Democrats in the upper chamber were opposed.

Republican lawmakers quoted in the story blasted the opposition, saying, in effect, that McLeroy was being punished for his conservative Christian views. But Sen. Kirk Watson, a Democrat from Austin, said lawmakers, and the public, believe the board has strayed from focusing on classrooms under McLeroy.

"Whether they agree with McLeroy or not, Texans simply cannot have faith in this board when it is led by a man who has so enthusiastically embraced his role in these endless culture wars," he said.

Whether McLeroy's ouster represents a shift in political and public sentiment on evolution, or simply an isolated and unfair act is a matter of opinion. What's yours?


Thankfully Darwin's discovery of evolution completely rules out the possibility that man came from some dirt that a god used to make an image of himself out of, and that woman came from a rib of this dirt-man.

Compare the amount of interlocking data from every applicable scientific field including geology, physics, and even molecular biology, all having observational experiments done, that test and prove the hypotheses of evolution occurring, with the DISCREDITED FAIRY TALE - a big invisible monster that nobody has ever seen or heard did it.

It is frightening that mass delusions of supernatural beings still exist today. It is the same thing as saying that my invisible fire breathing dragon is more powerful than your multi-headed fire spewing sea monster. So, come around to my way of thinking or I will commit atrocities for it.

Everything from the murderous blood stained Sky Daddy who drowned virtually all humanity and other life, sentenced everyone to leave Utopia after Eve (persuaded by a talking snake) ate a magical apple, had Jonah take a ride in the belly of a whale, ruined the life of Job, told Abraham to murder his own kid, killed all the first born of Egypt, had his chosen people commit genocide on the original inhabitants of Palestine, to letting his own son be nailed to some wood so mankind could party with a ghost - is a FAIRY TALE that humanity needs to reject if we are to see many more generations.

By the way if you are dumb enough to believe that this fable is real; in the Bible, the murder count is God/millions - Devil/zero. Whom would you rather spend time with, a vengeful monster or a “fallen” angel who thought he had a better way? I am NOT promoting the Devil, just illustrating the craziness in this stupidity.

Hopefully if you were previously deluded, after reading this you will see how foolish you have been. Society needs to accelerate its retreat from worshiping outlandishly absurd fictional psychopathic beings.

There is no middle ground.

I would like to know where any basis in fact can be found for these rather bold claims. It may interest people to know that Darwin recognized that there was a "missing link", and guess what, there still is. Where do people gather a case for evolution? From the "fossil record". Well, we would have no fossil were it not for the Great Flood that is described in the Bible. There is absolutely no other way for such vast amounts of fossils to be created and later found. There is no way for Darwin's theory to rule out creation because there is no proof in the fossil record that man came from slime!! Who would want to believe that anyway? The hypothesis of evolution is just that, a hypothesis. Nothing has evolved in recent history, and never has for that matter.
It may further interest people to understand that the same God that created man in His image and for His pleasure has also inspired man to record an accurate account of the history of the world. The "talking snake" was the fallen angel Lucifer who possesed the snake in order to delude Eve. There was nothing magical about the apple or whatever it was, anyone who actually reads the Bible in context will quickly understand that. God said not to eat the fruit, and she disobeyed, and the consequences were separation from communion with God. He did not have Jonah "take a ride in the belly of a whale", that was his consequence of not obeying God, and also was his second chance and miraculous salvation from certain death. He did not ruin Job's life, he allowed Satan to get to him in order to prove Job's faithfulness to God, and in the end, Job was alot better off than where he started. Once again, anyone who reads the Bible in context will readily see that for themselves. He did not tell Abraham to murder his child, He said to "sacrifice" him, and this was metaphorical, and was both to test Abraham's obedience to God and to see if he would trust God with the outcome. The death of the firstborn of Egypt was a direct result of the Pharoh's own doing, God turned it around so Pharoh's command would come back on his own household. The people of Israel were His chosen people and God did this for their sakes. He wanted their full devotion, because He is a jealous God, and that is why they were told to drive out the inhabitants of the land that He was giving them to posess. He knew that if they co-existed with the people of the land that they would be drawn away to follow other gods and would no longer worship Him will all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. They failed in this task, and are suffering for it today. Eventually, they were taken into captivity for this disobedience, repented, returned to their homeland, and sinned again to re-start the process I have just described. This set the stage for the redemption of mankind.
Jesus-God in the flesh, came to earth to live a sinless life and to take on Himself the punishment for the sins of man. The consequence of sin is death, and only one was found worthy to take that upon Himself. Jesus died on the cross for the corporate sin of mankind, past, present, and future. He was buried, and three days later rose again because He was and is God. Why would He do this? Because He loves us and wants us to know Him. God is not any kind of monster, I don't know where people get that idea, He does dish out consequences for those that refuse to hear His gentle pleading. But He is longsuffering and very patient, not willing that any should perish but that all may come to eternal life. It is my hope and prayer that you will know the truth, and that the Truth will set you free. All have sinned, and all have fallen short of the glory of God which was with Adam and Eve before the Fall. You will live forever, will it be heaven or hell? Will it be eternal life with God who loves you so much that He took your sin upon Himself, or eternal separation from the same in the lake of fire? Why the lake of fire? It is the consequence of refusing the gift of God which is eternal life. The only hope of eternal life in heaven is to believe that Jesus died for your sins, that He rose from the dead, and that He is God. Repent of your sins and ask God to forgive you, and you will have eternal life. There is no other name under heaven by which men can be saved but the name of Jesus. Read the Bible in context, and you will gain an understanding of the Truth. If you don't understand something, talk to a pastor or a counselor. God bless.

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