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Imagine that the Carnival of Education Were a List of Summer Films

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The Learn Me Good blog has cleverly recast blog posts in this week's Carnival of Education as summer feature films.

For instance, my blog entry about teacher George Mayo teaching middle school students how to make films, and teaching literacy at the same time, is recast as Mr. Mayo's Opus.


In Don't Mess with the Book Whisperer, a teacher takes to heart Donalyn Miller's recommendation that it's not a good idea to teach one novel to the whole class.

What do you think about Miller's seven reasons not to teach the whole class a single novel? Can some of you give some reasons why it is a good idea?

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I like teaching one novel to an entire class. Students need to have opportunities to utilize critical thinking skills. One way that I promote this at the high school level is to try to create healthy debating amongst my students over issues raised in readings. Sometimes, I purposefully play the devil's advocate to further promote their thinking and reasoning skills. I believe that it would be quite difficult for me to teach my students respect, empathy for others, and some of the other skills that they learn through these healthy debates if they only occurred within a small group discussion instead of a whole class discussion.

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